Monday, 22 October 2007

Baby Step 8 - Routines

Wow, this clean sink really has put a whole new perspective on things. Because my sink is so shiny, everything else near it needs to be sparkling too - no more leaving loose change on the side Mr Fly-lady, no more leaving dishes out until the next morning. I left for work today feeling utterly positive, knowing that before I left the house the dishwasher and washing machine were both on, one less job to do when I get home tonight.

The two hotspots I mentioned in my last entry no longer exist - the pile of paperwork has been filed, and the chair in the entrance hall is gawwwwn! Yesterday my other half, son and father in law went out together, so I used the time to sort through everything in the entrance hall. I put together a shoe rack to go in the cupboards hidden away, sorted through the drawers, and threw out a massive 2 black sacks full of junk, which is a milestone for me as I am a massive hoarder! Our entrance hall looks excellent now even if I do say so myself and my other half is over the moon too - he said though that now it makes the kitchen look cluttered!! The downstairs is nearly sorted now - not entirely - we still need to 'do' the kitchen, but I would no longer be afraid to have people over... as long as they didn't go upstairs that is!! You know what else? I might be crazy but we went to my in-laws for dinner. After dinner everyone else was sitting around on the sofas, and I just knew my stairs were there at home, needing to be hoovered and I was wasting time, so I drove home, hoovered the house, then went back!! This is something the old me would so not have done!

Because downstairs has been transformed in a week, it has spurred me on and I am determined that the rest of the house will soon follow suit. Today I have ordered some toy storage for our living room (my next room of choice), and a new door mat for the front door - a new beginning.

The babysteps over the past couple of days have again been pretty simple, and things I was already doing (must have read ahead of myself somewhere!)... putting clothes out for the next day - WHAT a difference this makes! As my other half ran round this morning looking for a clean pair of work trousers, I was dressed, got our son dressed and was putting on my make up - it makes it so much easier! When the steps have been simple I have been giving myself another little task to do - tonight I will be shining my mirrors and glass, because now (because of my hard work yesterday) we have a full length mirror you can actually see the whole of you in without the view being blocked!

Baby Step 8 is where I up to officially, and so also tonight I will be making up my Fly Lady folder to put my first page in - my Flylady routine which is become more and more habit now.

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