Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Baby Step 2 - Get Dressed To Your Laces

This is baby step number 2
"Today I want you get up and get dressed to lace up shoes when you first get up in the morning. This means fix your hair and face too.

In order for us to change ourselves we need to remind ourselves of what we are doing. I did this with yellow sticky notes throughout my home to guide me through my day. This was the beginning of my home control journal.

I had little notes on my bathroom mirror to remind me to get dressed to shoes. When you see the many reminders in your inbox from Yahoo; just think of them as yellow sticky notes. You don't have to do them yet; they are just there as a little reminder. Read the subject line and you will be absorbing the flow of them.

Do not allow those voices in your head to say this can't possible work with so many emails. Then when you hear those voices say I don't have time. Set a timer for 2 minutes and just read a little and then delete at will.

Shine your sink before you go to bed."

This is something that I do every day anyway (the getting dressed and ready immediately), and because I am on a roll decided not to let this mean I can have an evening of rest, but must sort something else out for 15 minutes. Flylady thinks that 15 minutes on something is long enough - and I agree, it makes it manageable, doable and not some big mammoth boring task.

So, for my home-made baby step number 2 I am going to tackle the growing pile of paperwork on the kitchen side.

Disclaimer: Once again, a gentle reminder the kitchen was not decorated by us and not a reflection of our taste in any way!

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