Wednesday, 2 January 2008

New Years Resolution

I know on 31st October 2007 I said "I have got my cleaning mojo back"? I lied.

It's a new year, a new start - time to get the house in order, and this time, I MEAN IT!

We hope to try again for another baby at some point this year, but until the house is sorted, and I mean properly, it won't happen.

We have had the past however many days off work for Christmas, and the house is looking an even bigger tip than when we aren't there. OK we had a good time, but I wish I had dedicated a small amount of time every day into doing something. It would have been so easy.

I am starting again with FlyLady and will be shining my sink tonight, as well as putting all the Christmas presents into the rooms they need to go in. I think it's a bit optimistic for me to create space for them all too tonight, considering the other bits and bobs I need to get done, however I will do a 5 minute room rescue on the kitchen.

Wish me luck!

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